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Clearly, at the end of Dylan's great adventure, the only important thing is fighting for what matters in life--and even though winning is something--never giving up is everything.

When Dylan (Ed Oxenbould) goes to chat to Patrick (David Wenham) whilst he's playing putt putt golf on the roof, in two shots you can see Dylan holding a putting iron, however in all other scenes he never picks up the iron or has it in his hand, only a paper plane.

I have never owned a Badger panel plane before, it is a very rare item.

Although it was cold I made a start by removing the infills.

I also cut off and reshaped the top edge of the wedge because of more damage there.

The brass sides of the plane and the bridge are much thicker.

and also that chubby kid Julian Dennison gosh he's really funny.

Overall, the movie is not that strong, speaking in matter of the plot or the script but the story is new and i enjoyed watching it.

5) The grain on the front infill runs from side to side, Norris did this on his mitre planes.

6) The joint at the mouth appears to be like a birds mouth, not a tongue and groove.