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It was a great event when, in 757, the Emperor Constantine V Copronymus made a present of an organ to King Pepin.

In 826 a Venetian priest named Georgius erected an organ at Aachen, possibly following the directions left by Vitruvius.

At an early period we meet organs in which the air pumps were replaced by bellows.

Whether in these organs the water apparatus was dispensed with, is not quite certain.

The blowing apparatus designed by Ctesibius consisted of two parts, just as in the modern organ; the first serving to compress the air (the "feeders"); the second, to store the compressed air, the "wind", and keep it at a uniform pressure (the "reservoir").

When, therefore, the slider was so placed that its holes were in line with the lower and upper holes, the wind could pass through the three holes into the pipe above; but if the slider was drawn out a little, its solid portions would cut off the connexion between the holes in the roof of the channels and those in the upper-board, and no wind could pass. By means of the cocks, wind could he admitted to any one of the channels, and thus supply all the pipes standing over that channel, but only those pipes would get the wind whose slide was in the proper position.

Again, by means of the slide, wind could be admitted to all the pipes standing in a transverse row, but only those pipes would be blown to whose channels wind had been admitted by the cocks.

When, therefore, the air-pumps were worked, the air inside the bell was compressed and pushed out some of the water below.

The level of the water consequently rose and kept the air inside compressed.