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But for someone with Asperger’s, it’s not enough to deal with sensory integration dysfunction; in order to succeed at the workplace, you need some guidelines for bridging the gap between other peoples’ social skills and your own. One of the things that is alarming to non-Asperger's people is how few friends and relationships people with Asperger's have. People don't care about your random, personal crap. But I'm entertaining or useful, and when I'm at my best, I'm both. For example, at Brazen Careerist, we just closed a small round of funding. People who are typical will think this is an easy conversation to have. People with Asperger's cannot generalize social rules. I write obsessively about how important it is to to be a star. Many people who work with me know that I'm weird. But I tried to just do what other people are doing. So, based on my own experience, here are some concrete rules for doing better at work if you have Asperger's, and maybe if you don't. But I have never heard anyone with Asperger's lament this. And my boss, our new CEO, sent a thank you to the investors. When you ask specific questions about social situations, your boss will appreciate that you know you don't know. That helps when your boss sees you being a social moron. We have to learn the thing to say in every single situation. It is actually more important for people with Asperger's. The first thing Ryan and Ryan said when they got to Madison was that I am totally eccentric. They stayed because I have built such a good career for myself. Because office politics is about how people get along. It doesn't make sense to me, but I just try to fit in. The first step to growing a good career in the face of Asperger’s Syndrome is to recognize that this is a social skills deficit, by definition, and work, by definition, is a social skills decathlon. For four dates I didn't understand why people drink on a date. I have written before that for me, the biggest problem at work stems from my own sensory integration dysfunction — something that typically tags along with an Asperger’s diagnosis. Instead, ask your boss questions about social situations. Often, people who are really likable don't have to be good at what they do. And it's fair, because someone who everyone likes actually does make the team more productive. Recently, I've been reminded about how hard it was to learn business rules because I had to learn dating rules. I don't understand why you don't say at the beginning of the date if you want to have sex at the end, so you know what you're leading to. Possible reasons for this difference lay with greater brain damage in the focal epilepsy group, as confirmed by computerised tomography (CT) scans, or their relatively poorer seizure control and the wider range of drugs they were receiving.Few differences emerged, however, between the group with temporal lobe epilepsy and the patients with other focal seizures, though depression and anxiety were commoner among the temporal lobe epileptics.Surveys have often produced conflicting results, largely because most are based on highly selected populations of epileptic subjects.

Eight per cent of those of employable age were out of work or incapable of work because of their epilepsy, and a further 12% were capable only of restricted employment.

Job difficulties were markedly more frequent in patients with psychiatric symptoms.

Other data demonstrated the hardships imposed by epilepsy (Pond .

Pond and Bidwell made a more detailed survey of 245 cases from 14 practices in South East England, and found that 10% were unemployable, most on account of mental impairment and the remainder because of marked behaviour disturbance.

No case was found in which the fits alone were adequate to account for unemployability.