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As a child, she wrote stories and as a teenager she penned poetry.

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As she walked back to the table Sarah received plenty of glances, but Carrie was nowhere is sight. He responded but broke the embrace a few moments later. "I have a surprise for you," she teased and led him to her bed.Sarah's apartment is a studio and the bed is directly opposite her computer, the place where she works her second job. "My life is turning into one big lie," she thought. Sarah had blocked every state that everyone she knew lived in, so many states that most of her room members were from other countries.Sarah looked down at an open pack of matches sitting on the counter. Sarah took a deep breath, closed the matches and dropped them in her purse. As soon as she closed the door to her apartment, she wrapped her arms around Bryan's neck and started kissing him passionately.He responded and after a few moments she pushed him back on the bed and walked away. Sarah quietly giggled as she realized Bryan was barely looking at her face. She pulled the dress below her breasts and noticed Bryan's erection. She spun and gyrated for a few more moments and with her back to Bryan, she pulled the dress over her hips and down to her thighs.He popped back up immediately as she began to dance. It poked up in his pants and Sarah could tell he was already fully hard. "I'm going to surprise him tonight." Sarah pulled her dress to her hips, reached up and exposed her left tit. The nipple sat high on her 34D breast and was already hard. He responded by softly licking it and sucking it into his warm mouth. Bryan reached up to grab her hips, but Sarah stopped him. Sarah bent over suddenly and heard an intake of breath. Sarah met Bryan 2 years ago, just after she started camming. Regardless, Sarah was determined to have a good time tonight. You look fantastic, Babe," he exclaimed and gave her a big hug and kiss.

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Sarah new it was time and with one movement, drew all of his 7 inches into her throat and held it there. She put on a pink sports bra and matching tank top.She looked behind her and Bryan was staring at her ass.Sarah was sure he could see the back of her crotch, encased in red silk. She straightened, stepped out of it, and kicked it to the side. Sarah moved closer and sank to her knees on the floor.Sarah began loosening his tie as Bryan unbuttoned his shirt. Pre-cum formed on the tip as she looked up at her lover. Sarah opened her lips and sucked the hard member in.She pulled it off and began kissing his neck and chest. Bryan fell back on the bed as she bobbed her head up and down, getting it nice and wet. She took about half his length several times before Sarah moved her lips down to his ball sack. She wore the red dress that he liked and a brand new red bra and pantie set. "Girl, you look like a million bucks," she thought. "Our reservation isn't until six-thirty, so I thought we could stop for drinks first," he said. Bryan nodded and as Sarah rose and walked to the bathroom, she noticed that half of the patrons, men and women, were looking at her.