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Ms Beardsley is also prescribed Tramadol, morphine and anti-seizure medication.

She was unable to close her right eye for six months and has had to relearn how to drink from a glass, brush her teeth and talk.

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A mother has told how a bout of severe shingles left her face paralysed - giving her a 'permanent resting grumpy bitch face'.

Doctors told her the facial nerves would recover at a rate of 1mm per day and she was off work sick for eight months.

Ms Beardsley says she was misdiagnosed with Bell's Palsy - another type of facial paralysis - before EMG tests revealed a deteriorating condition.Ms Beardsley said: 'Everywhere I go people think I'm moody which is annoying because I was known for being smiley and happy-go-lucky.'A man came up to me in a bar recently and said "You'd be the prettiest girl in here if you just smiled".'I had contracted shingles and two weeks later they evolved into this terrible condition.'My lips were tingling but when I looked in the mirror three hours later I noticed my face had dropped.'She added: 'I looked like Sloth from The Goonies and I thought I had suffered a stroke.'It was the day I lost my smile - and from then I had to relearn how to brush my teeth and talk and I can no longer blow out candles.'I look like a miserable cow with a permanent resting bitch face even when I'm trying to smile.'People need to be aware of how serious shingles is and the importance of getting any marks - however innocuous - checked out because it could lead to this.' Doctors discovered the single mother-of-two had harboured the chicken pox virus, which lay dormant for years until it randomly flared up, leading to the facial paralysis (pictured before her face dropped after suffering from shingles)The shingles started with six innocuous marks on the back of her neck in January 2017.She noticed her lips were tingling - and was horrified when hours later the right side of her face started to 'droop'.She believes it was caused by stress, brought on by three tragedies in her life in December 2016 - the month before.Her step-father was diagnosed with a brain tumour, her daughter's friend was killed in a car accident and her ex-partner's sister died of brain cancer.Nine needles were stuck into her face which doctors sent electrical currents through as part of the tests, which also revealed chronic photophobia meaning the right eye is over-sensitive to light.