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Stirling Sheriff Court heard that as she squatted to look at tadpoles, he came up and 'lingeringly' touched her bottom.

The then deputy headteacher of the Stirling Council-run school which organised the trip told the court on Friday he informed Stirling the incident 'would be the end of his participation in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme' after the girl's parents complained.

Absolute age determinations must be consistent with the stratigraphic and geomorphologic settings.

Relative methods (stratigraphic, geomorphic, topographic) are sound and convincing.This time the school called police, and after a two-day trial, father-of-three Stirling, an engineer with Scottish Power, was found guilty of sexually assaulting both teens.Sheriff William Gilchrist said: 'Either because he gave way to temptation in proximity to the girls, or because he was using close proximity to cover his actions, he chose to touch them inappropriately and did so sexually.' For legal reasons the girls, now 19 and 16, cannot be identified, nor can the school or teachers.Exhumed forms may complicate identification and relationships, for both epigene and etch forms have been buried, and exhumed, but in tectonically undisturbed areas, the higher surfaces are older than those preserved at lower levels. The relationship of surfaces with volcanic deposits, old shorelines, and genetically related sedimentary sequences provides sound ages, and correlation with dated duricrusts and faults is also useful.There are no temporal limits to relative dating, for the methods are equally applicable to the dating, say, of Proterozoic surfaces as of those of Pleistocene age.But at the end of the term the deputy - also the school's child protection officer - retired and Stirling was 'invited back' after missing only one expedition.