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Perserverating about moral bankruptcy of 1-20 centuries ago serves no purpose, so far as I can see, except to make cheap pronouncements criticizing the political/social foes of our day. Well, seems that the results (similar to the man on the commercial who thought he had a German heritage) have been totally discounted.What I hear in today's "honest discussions" is mostly smug, sanctimonious, self-righteous, self-satisfied, self-congratulatory, intellectually dishonest claptrap . Only about 15% of Fred's DNA can be attributed to ancestors from the Callaways and Ballards lines.I applaud your good efforts and note that our Blog would be far less interesting were you not an active participant. His children were students at the local public schools.You inspire me to quote Evelyn Beatrice Hall, but I'm going to restrain myself. In Raleigh County, the county offices were closed from 1861 until the conflict was over in 1865.My deleted response was, Cookie, I often tell people that I've been educated beyond my intelligence. [Not that that's an excuse for saying stupid things. They mentioned his love for tennis and Golf, did you ever play tennis with him? Perhaps you need to eat some ice cream and drink a mint julip?Believe me, I know -- or I think I do; I don't know.]Ched, According to sources that I have found Robert E. From my perspective thinking of them as inferior, refusing to give them the rudiments of an education , breaking up families by trading them like cattle demonstrates moral bankruptcy. I recall back in the 70's he was wanting to start a BS progrm for Industrial Education Teachers in conjunction with a MA program with Marshall and Clarence Burdette and I went to discuss and play golf with him at Hawks Nest course. He was a great guy and longest reigning President of WVT. and quit taking the Huffington Post as the Holy grail!Fred you think you are "cute" promoting the progressive agenda (you can look up progressive and liberal and social engineering on Google) if you need terms defined (shade from not having your doctorate degree? Every graduate of PHS60 is fully aware of slavery in the USA and I know of not one of them who is responsible for it. All of the confederate leaders were democrats so I guess that you do want to rewrite history? I commend you on your financial contributions and your obituaries but not on your "cute" narrative that conservatives are rasict and non carring and somehow need schooling by you! What is the future for W& L ( Washington and Lee ) University. Alabama joins a list of states passing laws to protect ALL monuments !! Mary's County, Maryland, the 3rd worse camp during the war. Your continual efforts at educating the ignorant masses has forced her to drink. Regarding the momuments she stated, "Why do we need the F... We have books." I did what I always do and begin typing frantically.Also Robert Bird was a KKK member are we going to tear down over 400 markers to him in WV? What the black union guards put her great great grandfather through cannot be repeated on this blog. Paused to read my reply and slowly began...delete, delete, delete, etc. There is a difference betwen intelligence and sense. Carol- Dr Leornard Nelson's Obiturary and an article about him are in todays Charleston Gazette Mail. Fred - You showcase the Callaways and Ballards (by the way I went to a bird dog feild trial at Judge Ballards farm in the late 50's) as a reason to be hollier than though on southerners, but I thought your family name was Lucas, did it thrace back to ?? But to finish my previous post - Fred did your ansestory lead back to Adolph Lucas? My observation - you comparing yourself to Cookie is that you are out of your leage in intellect and philosophical character.

In Hamilton County they stole food, horses, clothing, firearms and ammunition.

Mikie, you need to contribute original thoughts about topics that are of interest to you.

You and Delores from the forest tend to react to what I initiate.

Today Florida has the largest number of hate groups followed by California and Texas MIke the statements that I made about black concerns when viewing a statue of Robert E Lee Stonewall Jackson and other slave owning soldiers who wanted to break up the union is understandable. Thanks snowflakes." She is shipping a case of bubbles, play dough and a counselor so you will feel safe.

Not only were the blacks enslaved, they were not given the rudiments of an education. Yesterday, something dreadful happened in Mason Ohio. I am southern and proud of my many southern ancestors. Robert E Lee was a decorated and respected officer in the United States Army after a remarkable career at West Point.