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With the exception of Season 7 and several other rare cases, the show has begun with a cold open that ends with someone breaking character and proclaiming "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!" Saturday Night Live is one of the longest running network programs in American television history, with over 800 episodes broadcast over the span of 42 seasons. Season 43 of the NBC late-night stalwart continues with actress and comic Tiffany Haddish fronting the November 11 episode and Chance the Rapper set for the following week.Both are making their Their respective musical guests are folks you might have heard a little about: Taylor Swift and Eminem."I just can't wait to be King of the North," Harington/Moffat says in a thick Yorkshire accent."Sorry, it just comes out," he added apologetically. I only got one shot-a and they killed my father," rapped Cecily Strong's Lin-Manuel Miranda, before getting too choked up to carry on.A musical guest is also invited to perform several sets (usually two, and occasionally more).

Saturday Night Live features a two-tiered cast: the repertory members, also known as the "Not Ready for Prime-Time Players," and newer cast members, known as "Featured Players." Each week, the show features a host, often a well-known celebrity, who delivers an opening monologue and performs in sketches with the cast.

Various Saturday Night Live sketches are available in several new media formats, including streaming on Hulu and Netflix.

Selected sketches and segments are also available for purchase at the i Tunes Store to download and playback on home computers and certain i Pod and i Phone models.

There's something about watching someone trying to sell you a machine that blends fish that is as funny as it is disgusting.

The Conehead "family" asks a phone technician to install 35 new phone lines - but are interrupted when someone from their home planet comes to visit.