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To all the traditional thermostat manufacturers, Wake up!

You laugh, but watch this video, it might change your mind about the use of your personal data.

There are some interesting developments behind the curtain that I will be posting about.

And please make sure you read about the Nest backstory on Controltrends, make sure to read the comments, in that many have shared their experiences with the Nest.

So hire some long haired social marketing media types and get in the game. BAD: Initially, I thought Honeywell would be much better off spending their patent infringement lawsuit money on R&D, but after witnessing such a swift and successful deployment to the Do-it-Yourself (DIY) market: Nest is now being sold at the 363 Apple Shops nationwide, and has a serious installation partner with Service Experts with their 110 locations across the US, along with Best Buy and Lowes, I am not sure what they should do. Nest is a serious competitor, and now that Nest has called Honeywell a troll, Nest needs to be taken very seriously.

The Honeywell Redlink is a proven commodity, with a much richer feature set…