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The valve design and degree of pressure drop determine the effect on the product.

In general, the greater the pressure drop, the greater the effect on the particle size of the product being homogenized.

Since the introduction of the glass bottle, consumers had become accustomed to seeing the cream floating on top of the milk in the bottle.

If the cream wasn’t visible, the milk was assumed to have been “skimmed” of cream and was considered less desirable.

There are many blending technologies that can reduce the size of globules by mechanically tearing apart the individual bubbles.

Auguste Gaulin’s original design forced the product through very thin capillary tubes.

Many dairy bottling operations now use high volume homogenizers capable of processing over 10000 gallons per hour of milk.

However, Gaulin Homogenizers are available in many sizes and configurations to handle a wide array of products in and out of the food industry.

Oddly enough, it was possibly the Burnett family’s own previous work in popularizing glass milk bottles that hindered acceptance of homogenized bottled milk by the public.

1) Early Development 2) Basic Machine Design 3) Theory of Homogenization 4) History 5) Common Machine Series 5.1) CGD (WW II – 1947) 5.2) E (1947-1952) 5.3) K and DJ (1953-1978) 5.4) M Painted (1961 – 1998) 5.5) M (or MF) Stainless Clad (1961-1963) 5.6) MC (1963 – 1998) 5.7) MS (1983 – 1998) 5.8) G & R (1998 – Present) 5.9) G & R (2010 – Present)After patenting the process in France in 1899, Auguste Gaulin introduced his machine for “treating milk” at the Paris World’s Fair in 1900.

The machine consisted of a 3-piston pump designed to push a combined stream of milk and cream through a set of tiny capillary tubes – an early version of a homogenizing valve.

HOME Homogenizing Valve Assembly: The homogenizing valve assembly is essentially an adjustable orifice – or series of adjustable orifices.

The pressure created by the piston pump forces product through the homogenizing valve, causing a very significant pressure drop across the orifice.