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US President Abraham Lincoln and Confederate President Jefferson Davis were both born in Kentucky.
In its most common usage however, "fashion" describes the popular clothing style.

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These are the people who believe the government is dangerous, ineffective and the absolute enemy.Even though they believe the government is laughably inept and inefficient, they conversely believe the government is so adept and efficient it will storm their bunkers and remove all three million of their guns. w=225" class="size-full wp-image-1493" alt="Save the world? Sure, just give me a minute." src="

(Otherwise, they’d need to lie to the insurance company or reveal their secret identity).While everyone else should have enough guns to fend off a government who wants to control us, the crazy people need MENTAL HEALTH HELP, something that the inept, inefficient government should supply.Anyone who owns a cache of guns can tell you that if the government, which is inept and inefficient, would fund lots of programs to treat crazy people, then they too could be responsible gun owners and only kill the right people.Solution: Electric nipple clips and more guns Number Four: Identify all the Mentally Ill: These are the people who get guns and shoot everybody.These are the people whose fault it is that guns are getting blamed, when it’s not the guns, but the crazy-ass people.For example, some superpowers would be tricky to use in a situation that wasn’t life-or-death. That said, a hero might have trouble looking at it like that without feeling like he/she was writing people off and/or making excuses for failure.