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Updating bios dell laptop

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I’ve just taken delivery of my new laptop – check out the Dell Outlet store for some cracking XPS deals – and I’ve had a hell of time with it, the bios update being just the last of many issues in the 24 hours since I unpacked it. I found three solutions that might help you if you are in a similar position. Now I just need to get past the laggy performance in Chrome and anything to do with graphics, the absolutely terrible “killer” Wi Fi connection and also the slowness of the keyboard response when typing.I installed the update and watched as the laptop rebooted, told me it was updating, then sat there. All in all, I’d rather have bored out my own ear than buy this laptop, but you live and learn. Windows 10 gives you a lot of options you can configure directly within the operating system, but on every computer, there are some settings you can only change in the BIOS (basic input / output system). The BIOS is the software which is built into your computer's motherboard and controls everything from the boot order of your drives to preboot security options to whether the Fn key on your keyboard activates a function key or a media control. The initial POST screen and BIOS scan makes no mention of one either.The full model name of my board is 975X7AB-8EKRS2H.The first line in the upper left portion of the screen shows the BIOS maker and version.

You can't expect your motherboard manufacturer to explain what E6400 and S3 mean, but they should be able to explain what the problem was that was fixed.Vista users will need to run IE Explorer or Firefox as an Administrator to allow it to work.I could not find a revision number on my motherboard.Perhaps if more people requested this, more detailed information might be included in the BIOS update notes in the future.Most BIOS updates are your current BIOS version in order to know all of the changes made with the latest upgrade version.3.However, most computers made in the past four years boot Windows 10 too quickly to listen for a key press at startup. You can get there by clicking the gear icon on the Start menu.