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And so, says Read, "When Merula asked me to write the book, I didn't think, 'This is an interesting project.' I thought, 'I mustn't disappoint this dying woman.' " The book makes it clear that Guinness felt threatened by the possibility that Merula might step out of his shadow.

He insisted she abandon her own acting career, mocked the spelling mistakes in her letters, and criticised her cooking in front of dinner guests.

I was just worried I'd be completely out of my depth.

"I would never read a biography of an actor, never!

He is impeccably dressed in tie and beautifully-cut tweed jacket. His mouth turns down in repose and his blue eyes sit beneath sad, bassett-hound eyebrows.

Yet he is by no means humourless, even if his wit is as fastidious as the rest of his personality. Yet this is how he was portrayed by outraged critics after a newspaper serialisation of his book that emphasised the more shocking elements of Guinness's life and character - his illegitimacy; his hatred of his drunken, feckless, thieving mother; his possible homosexuality and his cruelty to his wife Merula and son Matthew.

Yet something about Read clearly struck a chord for, even before the piece was published, Guinness invited him and his wife Emily to dinner, again at the Connaught. Yet his need to remain in control left Guinness isolated."John le Carré said that you could sense Alec craving affection, but woe betide you if you embraced him," Read recalls.

When asked why Guinness might have been so taken by him, Read develops the embarrassed hesitancy of a properly-educated public schoolboy, unavoidably forced to swank."In his correspondence, he writes to his friends, and . "So many times, saying goodnight at the Connaught, you longed to give him a hug, but you knew you just couldn't."That very isolation, Read points out, was Guinness's stock-in-trade.