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CCM processes payment from the member’s account.” From my experience using them, this sounds more confusing than it actually is.

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When I had my first child 13 years ago, I had no idea it heralded the end of my relationship with his father.I didn't know then that many men want their partner to put marriage first and children second. After a year or so, my partner told me he found the life change - my change - frustrating.

Who is going to pour them an evening gin and tonic?Who is going to listen to them talking about their day?The consequence of all this is that something has to give when the children are young and needy, and that tends to be the ability to nurture the marriage. If you work, you see a lot less of them than women who don't, and consequently want to spend every other available minute with them.Quite often, if you ask a man who comes first in his life - and that man is being honest - he will say: 'My wife.' For many men, the love of their wife is more important than that of their children. What my generation of babyboomers know is that children are hard work. The pressures of modern life and the change in women's roles has meant we no longer live our lives following a traditional model. She would then spend her evenings listening to my grandfather's tales of the day. Women don't have to cook, clean, chivvy and then turn to eveningwear in order to keep their man.