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There is also Oculus Player using libvlc but does not release the source. VR Player is a GPLv2 licenced Player written in C#. Another player is VR Cinema 3D, which does not play a stereo video, but simulates a virtual cinema with a 2D film. You can search for stereoscopic videos on You Tube with the 3D search filter.There a tons of stereoscopic videos, like this video of Piranhas. Most importantly it has the exact functionality I was looking for when I wanted to play a stereoscopic video on the Oculus Rift: Decoding a video stream and applying a GLSL fragment shader to it.I found a few solutions that to try to achieve that goal, but they were very unsatisfactory.A score of 12 is perfect, 11 is tolerable, but 10 or lower and you've got serious problems.The truth is that most software organizations are running with a score of 2 or 3, and they need serious help, because companies like Microsoft run at 12 full-time.”The Joel Test is great for software development shops and for programmers that are interested in quickly evaluating a company's software development environment, but what about a Joel Test for actual programmers?

Since source control is so important to just about every software developer, you should really be an expert at using whatever source control technology you are using and understand the basic concepts that apply to just about all source control systems.

This is kind of the bread-and-butter for a programmer.

Even though most real world problems don't resemble the type of algorithm problems you are often asked at a job interview, the same types of problems do exist in the real world.

In the GLSL shader you can change some parameters like video resolution, eye distance, scale and kappa.

This could also be done with uniforms and set by a GUI. Since we are using a GL plugin, we need to use the glimagesink.