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People with parents who are N or P were raised without a lot of love (or no love) and often fall into the trap of marrying the same.I googled and found a survivor's forum which opened a whole new perspective on people I have encountered in my lifetime. There are people who feel and feel empathy for others, and people who do not.It does not matter if you are their child, spouse, parent...Ps and Ns have no ability to love - in fact - they will suck the life out of you if allowed. In fact, the more love one showers on a P or N - the crueler they will be toward that soul. If you encounter the push/pull, silent treatment, it is but one symptom of a very serious disorder and one that is hardly recognised in the mental health community. Because neither Ps or Ns go for help, only their victims do after the subtle (sometimes not subtle) abuse.When we are dating, especially on an online service we are exposed to more than we normally would be.Here is my message to both men and women seeking to find their soulmates: There are more Psychopaths and Narcissists (Ps and Ns are siblings, one with a criminal record, the other just malignantly manipulative) than I ever knew possible.I can say with a bit of authority and personal experience that it is very, very difficult to recognize people like this when you have, or are making emotional attachments to them in any way...their manipulations are solely focused on trying to get you to accept the blame for everything that is wrong and making you question your own sanity.Even in a professional sense it is not always that easy to recognize these disorders at first...until in repeated contacts with them their stories become suspiciously convoluted and their affects and actions do not match the words that are coming out of their mouths.

Many suicides were surrounded by one or more Ps and Ns.

This phenomena has been discussed in the media for decadeds, is used counseling session and used in courts ad nauseum, because many publications by psychiatrists, right or wrong taken and misconstrued more often than not, which has lead to a sort of a fashion.

There are many sincere scientific evaluations and analysis recognizing the condition and suggesting remedies or how to deal with them.

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Now that I know a little bit more about what is going on, I need to share my experience to hopefully open up a discussion regarding Psychopaths and Narcissists - disorders so common most of us know some (SOME! Yet this disorder is so underreported because the victims of these personalities ultimately end up blaming themselves, fall into depressions, drink themselves into stupors, or worse.