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Independent fishmonger Rex Goldsmith of The Chelsea Fishmonger says the information isn't clear enough for customers.

'The "previously frozen" bit is always written very small,' he said.

Like others, he says that the cod and salmon is almost never frozen but that it is clearly labelled on the boxes when it comes in, so the fishmonger of the day should be able to tell you what is freshest.

Again, he says all are fine to refreeze at home safely with the exception of things like prawns and mussels.

The only fish I can spot that don't come with the 'may have been previously frozen and defrosted' warning is rainbow trout and some mackerel.

The fishmonger is unhelpful and is unclear on food safety in terms of what is safe to freeze at home without cooking first.

I can only find sea bass that has been previously frozen, as well as prawns - though this is common practice as it is otherwise impossible to sell them chilled.

The Waitrose fishmonger explains to me that whilst a few products come in frozen and are then defrosted, they are still safe to refreeze and that this is just done for freshness when the fish has travelled from afar.

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The Morrisons fishmonger is the most helpful and informed of everyone I speak to.

Does he think freezing the fish and then defrosting it on the counter impacts on the freshness of fish? It's been frozen; therefore it can never be called fresh again.

'Fresh means recently caught, killed or harvested and once thawed it rapidly deteriorates, which is why everything I sell is fresh except for large prawns which are a warm water product and don't travel well.'His advice for customers looking for fresh fish at the counter?

When she spoke to fishmongers, they said frozen fish rapidly deteriorates after it's been defrosted - which means it can never be called truly fresh. I consider myself to be quite a savvy supermarket shopper.

But the thought that much of the fishmonger's fresh fish counter may have been previously frozen had not crossed my mind, despite knowing full well that my sea bass fillets are likely to have come from somewhere like Greece.