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And most importantly - search of the opposite gender.

The shy man guide to personal dating success

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That doesn’t mean he is satisfied or happy with that dynamic, or that he isn't capable of pursuing you if he’s motivated to do so.

Regardless of personality type, men are happiest when allowed to discover love at their own pace.If each woman in situations 1 - 7 were to get the ball rolling herself, or help the man date her and make excuses for his behavior, she would simply be prolonging the agony of being in a go-nowhere entanglement.That's not "dating a shy man," that's accepting crumbs from a guy who is just killing time.He may have been married previously or in a series of long-term relationships — he likes and values female companionship — but he hasn’t dated much in a formal sense, and seems confused or tentative when dealing with women in a romantic setting.Because he appears to need help in approaching you and setting up dates, you might be tempted to bend rules for him or to assume that he is an exception to the rules. He may appear to be passive, but that’s usually just a temporary switch that got flipped by the various women in his life — his overly helpful sister, exes, and coworkers.You won’t get caught up in go-nowhere entanglements or affairs with unavailable men. And once you’re on a date, make sure you show him your most feminine, vulnerable qualities.