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[Rec] (2007) = Manuela Velasco, Ferran Terraza and Jorge-Yamam Serrano 22. 1 litre of tears (2005)/Ichi ritoru no namida = Yoshimi Ashikawa, Mitsuo Hamada and Yoneko Matsukane 27.
The victims role is a difficult one to say the least, a degree of (innocent) ignorance and assigning blame obscure most reasonable efforts to asses if indeed there was an abuse or if the victim is predisposed and suffers form similar conditions like masochism or other disorders.

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The ALL(Column) variant is useful when you want to remove the context filters for one or more specific columns and to keep all other context filters.

The second and third examples demonstrate this scenario.

Door deze vragen te stellen aan je date kom je er meer over te weten.

Bijna iedereen heeft een hobby en het voordeel is dat iedereen er graag over praat.

This function is useful when you are working with many levels of grouping, and want to create a calculation that creates a ratio of an aggregated value to the total value. Removes all filters from the specified columns in the table; all other filters on other columns in the table still apply.

All column arguments must come from the same table.

This function is useful for clearing filters and creating calculations on all the rows in a table. In effect, ALL(Table) returns all of the values in the table, removing any filters from the context that otherwise might have been applied.

Assume that you want to create a table showing the percentage of sales compared over the years for each product category (Product Category Name).

To obtain the percentage for each year over each value of Product Category Name, you need to divide the sum of sales for that particular year and product category by the sum of sales for the same product category over all years.

Then add the new measure to the Values area of the Pivot Table.

To view the results as percentages, use Excel's formatting features to apply a percentage number format to the cells that contain the new measure, Reseller Sales Category Name.