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The road to recovery is very similar to a roller-coaster with unexpected "ups and downs." This is why crisis intervention and supportive counseling play a significant role in helping victims recover.

If victims have difficulty rebuilding or finding a new equilibrium, they may suffer from a long-term crisis reaction or from posttraumatic stress disorder. The pain may lessen and even subside, but their lives are changed forever.

Their lives will never be the same, but they begin to regain some form of control and a sense of confidence.

Every victim's experience is different, and the recovery process can be extremely difficult.

It can take a few months or years -- or an entire lifetime -- depending upon the variables involved.

For instance, if an individual has suffered from other traumatic incidents prior to the victimization -- such as the death of a close relative or friend -- his or her initial emotional reaction, reorganization and recovery might be different from someone who is experiencing victimization for the first time.

All people have their own "normal" state of equilibrium.

This normal state is influenced by everyday stressors such as illness, moving, changes in employment, and family issues.

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Crime victims suffer a tremendous amount of physical and psychological trauma.The primary emotional injuries of victimization cause both immediate and long-term reactions to victims, their loved ones and, sometimes, their friends. Morton Bard, co-author of The Crime Victim's Book, has described a victim's reaction to crime as the crisis reaction.Victims will react differently depending upon the level of personal violation they experience and their state of equilibrium at the time of victimization.Victims may experience what is referred to as the "fight or flight" syndrome.The "fight or flight" syndrome is a basic automatic physiological response that individuals have no control over.During this period, victims must contend with a variety of stressful emotions, such as fear, despair, self-pity, and even guilt and shame for their anger and hostility.