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The truth is, however, youth are drinking, smoking, and using drugs – not other people’s children – our youth.

Argentine tango dating

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I know dozens of people that have met through Tango and have found a way to make their relationship work.And others date for a few months or even a few years and then separate over differences.It's a personal preference, a personal character makeup. People often ask me what is the difference between dancing tango in Buenos Aires and anywhere else.Dancing Tango gives you a great reason to look your best, for others and for each other. Some tango couples always dance the first and last Tanda together, and others don’t dance follow these rules at all. Dancing socially (with other people) can ignite passion for each other.Dancing tango can help you from getting bored with each other.

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If you do not trust your partner or yourself, there is no way the relationship will last. If you are dating someone just so that you don’t have to be alone, it won’t work.

So the question is: what makes some tango relationships work out and others not?

When you date someone that also dances Tango, you understand each other.

And most importantly, you don’t need to explain why you plan all your vacation days around Tango festivals. Perhaps other couples plan dates to dinner and the movies, but you two can always go dancing.

And most likely, the majority of your friends are also Tango dancers. When in a relationship, its easy to get into a comfortable routine and spend too much time in lounge clothes.