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I’m sure I’m not the first dad that has heard these jokes or had those thoughts. If he doesn’t respect me as a human being, he might respect my daughter a little less. It is important to point out that my daughter lives with her mother over 1300 miles away, I talk to her all of the time.

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This gave me an opportunity to visit and chat with several relatives.Most of my black relatives believe Trump is racist.She said being a rare female black officer had its challenges. My relative said she instructed fellow cops on how to treat her. She has lifelong friendships and fond memories of her career in law enforcement. Mary and I attended a great church in which members greeted each other with a hug.Mary stopped allowing a member to hug her because she felt he was a sleaze.They also believe much of what is now labeled "sexual harassment" is simply men being men and women being women in the workplace.

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My Democrat male relative's comment about women sending mixed messages is valid. When Mary and I ran an arts center, we allowed local Hispanic dance groups to practice there.

My female relative believes fear of sexual harassment allegations will impact men hiring women.

This same relative is a retired Baltimore city police officer.

I would hate to see that church abandon it's warm greeting because of a jerk or two. If we dare disagree or submit facts proving their narrative untrue, Leftists attack, calling us intolerant, haters, racist, sexist, and homophobic. Leftists say women "never" lie about sexual harassment.

If anyone dares to say that a woman should have proof before destroying a man's life, Leftists launch a shock and awe campaign to brand that person a supporter of sexual assault. The investigation video of a woman accusing a cop of sexual assault was posted on You Tube.